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Prophet  Joachim Francis was born in Dar es Salaam City - Ilala -Maternity Home, in 1995 and started his kindergarten at Sunrise Nursery and Primary School - Mikocheni 'A' DSM  and finally St. Anny Primary School - Kihonda, Morogoro. He was chosen to join the Government School but parents suggested him to join St. Francis de Sales Jr. Seminary and finally Ujenzi Secondary School in Coastal Region -Tanzania. Later, he joined the Open University in a special unit for studying  Computer Information Technology -  ICT. He is still intending to continue his studies in the area of religious studies which is in line with his calling. He intends to focus and major in Theology and Philosophy as core studies abroad or by long-distance learning programs from suitable institustes within the country or outside the country.

The gift of teaching the WORD of GOD is simply a gift from God. It is a kind of ability to hear the Holy Spirit and to comply with Him; it is not easy to explain rather than enjoying the fruits of this wonderful and unique fellowship through which God uses him uniquely. 

Another place that God uses him well is the 'Prophetic Ministry / Office' - that is the prophetic office. This place is really unique. I can't say more than thanking God. I am just the witness of his most extraordinary works.  Here I will share with you some of the prophetic tasks he received to prophesy nationally and internationally. Follow the  TOP 10 PROPHECIES OF PROPHET JOACHIM FRANCIS and much more.

The Ministry of Prophet Joachim, not only based on what I have mentioned, is used in a wonderful way in interceding for people, namely healing. But he has been a wonderful help in the area of ​​'deliverance' - that is to free people from the bounds of the enemy- Satan.

On behalf of  Pastor Joachim as well as CHRIST LIFE MINISTRY - CLM ,  we thank God for this platform that will nourish the lives of many around the world. Contacting Prophet Joachim +255743238599 (WhatsApp/Calls).


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.



"The best way to predict your future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln

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